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Equestrian Outfitters Custom Services

Blanket Cleaning and Repairs

Are your horse's clothes filthy from winter or ripped from too much play? Equestrian Outfitters, Inc. will send your sheets, blankets, hoods (any clothing from their vast wardrobes) to be cleaned and repaired, even altered.

Boot Stretching and Custom Boots

Are your boots a little too tight? Equestrian Outfitters, Inc. can stretch your boots so you can get the extra room you need for that perfect fit. We offer custom boots by Vogel as an alternative for customers who can't obtain the proper fit with stock boots. A wide range of options, such as gussets, zippers and spur rests, are available in a variety of prices. Call for more information.

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Clipper Repairs and Blade Sharpening

Do your clippers sound funny? Are your blades not cutting? Bring them in or mail them to us, we'll get them working again.

Embroidery and Monogramming

Give your equipment that personalized touch with our embroidery or monogramming services. Embroidery is placing your name or your horses name on the item; monogramming is placing initials. Both are available for a wide range of products in custom colors. Allow for a three-week lead time.

We offer custom embroidery or monogramming for:

  • Blankets, sheets, coolers, 1/4 sheets
  • Boot bags
  • Bridle and halter bags
  • Garment bags
  • Helmet bags
  • Rat-catcher chokers
  • Saddle bags, cases, covers or pads

Choose from our matching sets.
Allow two to three weeks of lead time.


Need a stall plate? Equestrian Outfitters, Inc. orders custom engraving for stall plates, halter plates, saddle plates, brow plates and bridle tags. They are available in brass, chrome and plastic with a variety of engraving styles.

Custom engraving is available for:

  • Bridle plates and tags
  • Halter plates
  • Saddle plates
  • Stall plates

Allow two to three weeks of lead time.

Video Rentals

Do you need a little information or how-to? We offer a wide selection of videos for rental or sale. Videos are available for one- or three-day rentals.

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