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The Widest Selection of Quality Horse Stable & Barn Supplies in Somers

As your horses’ home, keeping your barn or stable well-stocked with the correct housing, feeding and cleaning gear is crucial to your animals’ health and happiness. Our full line of barn, stable and trailer supplies at Equestrian Outfitters, Inc. has been taking care of Somers’ equestrian needs since 1986. We carry a variety of products to ensure your horses’ welfare, including:

  • Blanket racks
  • Bale cutters
  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Grooming caddies
  • Salt block holders
  • Gate latches
  • Dressage markers
  • Feeding supplies
  • Bucket heaters
  • Bucket straps
  • Feeders and waterers
  • Tack organizers

When your horse is well cared for, it shows in its performance and overall demeanor. With this in mind, we are dedicated to making the storage and organization of your stables easy. From putting together cozy stalls to establishing a proper cleaning and feeding system to consolidating all of your gear in a tack room, our qualified staff of riders will help you every step of the way.

Buy Trailer Equipment to Keep Your Equine Safe & Comfortable

When you’re transporting your horses from home to show and back again, you want them to feel relaxed and settled throughout their journey. We offer a wide variety of horse-trailer supplies to keep your trailer feeling like a home away from home for your four-legged friends. Whether you need safety equipment to keep your horses secure or feeding containers for road-trip snacks, we’ve got what you need.

Also Serving Stafford in Ellington

Taking the best care of your beloved animals involves equipping both them and their surroundings with the appropriate gear. Our stable and barn supplies at New England’s favorite horse store, Equestrian Outfitters, Inc., have kept our clients in Somers, Stafford and Ellington well-stocked for almost 30 years. Find out more regarding our products and services by giving us a call today at 860-749-4420.

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